Student Mentorship Program

Help us help facilitate learning!

This had become one of our most popular programs. Students constantly seek learning opportunities to aid in their career decision making.

Our goal is to develop a network of professionals who are willing to have students shadow and learn from them. These experiences may simply be for one afternoon or they may be ongoing.

Our goal is to pair up students with interested mentors so that students can help make the most informed decision possible when deciding on a career... or even treatment modality.

We are seeking practitioners of all types, specifically:

  • naturopathic doctors
  • integrative medical doctors
  • doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • doctors of chiropractic
  • registered massage therapies
  • reiki, therapeutic touch and other energy workers
  • osteopaths
  • and many others from sections listed in our wellness directory

Professionals + Mentors

If you are a professional who would be interested in having students in your office, please let us know.

Please note that mentors receive a discount off premium listings in our online wellness directory.

Students + Mentorees

If you are a student who is interested in shadowing and learning from one of these professionals, please let us know.